The Biomechanic by v8.7
• Physiotherapy - treatment for any injury.
• Musculoskeletal analysis: muscle imbalance testing, joint range of movement throughout spine and peripheral joints.
• Video analysis of running gait, golf swing and underwater swimming.
• Safe technique training.
• Individualised stretching and strengthening program to enhance safe movement patterns.
• Soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, postural taping and strapping.
• Postural analysis.
The guiding principle of The Biomechanic is to enable anyone to be able to physically participate in their life to the fullest; be that run a half marathon, garden a full day, sit at the computer at work, play a round of golf.
ACC treatment Co-pay $15~ Beneficiary, Senior, children $10
Private Physiotherapy treatment initial $65
follow up $50

Biomechanic running analysis $150
~ first treatment + follow up $250
~ follow up + specific exercise review $100

Full Biomechanic package $500 ~ includes running analysis, follow up, massage, and 4 x follow up