The Biomechanic
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Therapeutic Massage facilitates enhancement of optimal function and performance. Also useful for prevention and treatment of muscle and soft tissue injuries.

Running Analysis

video analysis to using Safe Mechanics in Running Technique (SMaRT) that promotes injury free running for recreational and athletic runners. This entails biometric measurement, video analysis and individualised exercise/ stretching program development. Running workshops are also delivered throughout the year

Physiotherapy Services/ Prevention

and Treatment of injuries, pain, and other issues (see Who Benefits). Includes joint mobilisation, taping and strapping, postural and movement analysis and education, ultrasound, massage, neural mobilisation, specific exercise program plans.

Postural Analysis

and Education- ideal for preventing injury/ reinjury. Includes photo and video analysis, massage, biofeedback, taping, and personalised exercise and stretching program. Postural analysis at workplace also available.
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